The Frog and the Fish

The Frog and the Fish prompts you to question how much you have been shaped by your culture—the water you live in.

This book is written for young adults going from school to life-after-school—though many will find it helpful no matter what stage of life. It explores the shaping effects of our culture through asking the big questions of Who are we?, What’s the nature and purpose of the world?, Why is there so much injustice and, What can we do about it?

The Frog and the Fish also explores the current cultural narratives that are shaping our views of some of the big ‘issues’ of life—purpose of work; traps with technology; sex and self image; the place of stuff in our lives; the existence of absolute truth; and the source of ultimate happiness. It seeks to unfold how a biblical lens can provide liberating clarity on the big questions and issues of life. It invites the reader to see a view of work, sex, technology, stuff, truth, happiness, etc. shaped by the Christian big-picture story of the world. It inspires the reader to recognise when they are being shaped by alternative stories that threaten their true identity.

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