This is the Christian Education National flagship publication that seeks to nurture the vision of Christian education in families, schools, and communities; a magazine for parents.

Parenting and Christian Schooling

Nurture is published four times each year and many schools subscribe on behalf of all school families so that it forms a part of their community building and education program. Some schools distribute copies to local churches, doctors’ surgeries, and hairdressers, where a range of people can read about Christian education. Nurture is geared towards parents but also speaks to teachers and students. 

Many Christian schools around Australia have found this journal to be a rich resource for promoting parent partnership. It includes:

  • parenting stories
  • kids page
  • web links
  • practical parenting tools
  • stories of learning and living
  • spiritually equipping articles
  • promoting partnership
  • Christian education in a nutshell
  • stories from the heart of the school, home, and children
  • book/movie reviews
  • general interest articles

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